Special Needs

Since our founding, BlueSkies has been committed to being an open and inclusive organization that welcomes children and families from all social, economic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds and with a variety of special needs. This is clearly demonstrated in the Children’s Program, which gracefully mainstreams children with special needs with the same strong developmental focus that is appropriate for all children. Currently, 9% of the children at BlueSkies have special needs, and BlueSkies is the only childcare center that we know of in the area which serves typically developing children along with a significant population of children receiving therapeutic supports for special needs on site.

BlueSkies makes the services of an array of therapists available on site to families of children with special needs. We collaborate with Rose Snyder Ed.M, Psy.D., a licensed clinical psychologist. Dr. Snyder offers early intervention mental health services, family counseling, consultation to teachers, and play therapy on site. In addition, parents can contract with a licensed speech therapist to provide services to their children at BlueSkies. We also work with multidisciplinary therapists from the Alameda County Regional Center assigned to children with IFSPs and IEPs.

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